Technology is changing fast and its impact is expanding across the market. GEF is one of the better standards of the world work for only education vertical aligning to the expectation of the industry. Having a greater presence and working closely with the HR’s across the globe, we aim at improving the standards of the colleges, make them industry ready irrespective of the starting point. GEF bridge the best talents and the employer.


With MAC’s research, insight, and guidance, faculty members can become enablers of student outcomes and help the education institution achieve its broader institutional mission through digital transformation, innovation and technology optimization.

The use of GEF is the first step for an employer to benchmark the standard of an educational institution. It is highly suggested to follow the GEF talent index as guidelines to assess the quality of the educational institutions while investing in resources during hiring. GEF will give you deep insight on the capability of the students and faculty members and the performance of the colleges. This helps you to reduce the hiring life cycle, thereby helps to save your investment and time.

There are 4 buckets where the education institutions are listed which demonstrate their quality. Where in OPTIMUS is the highest level of standard one should aim to achieve. However, employer do have great reasons to consider other grades also. For Startup companies and Enterprise, PLATINA and NICHE PLAYER will be a good choice.

GEF Talent Index will provide a graphical competitive positioning of 4 types of educational institutions with differentiation based on their quality and performance:

GEF Standards Curve.jpg


These are the category of institutions that are well-positioned for tomorrow. They are in line with the expectation of the industry and demonstrate excellence. 


The institutions understand market dynamics and act accordingly. They have the vision to align with the market demand but still need better execution.


They strive to match the demand, outperform and over innovate. These institutions are the right fit for SME segment.


These category of Institutions are eligible to set the pace in the competition. They are well be aligned to the current demand and exhibit their performance for today.

Improve Business Capabilities and Administration

Technology, changing demands in administrative and learning environments are evolving faster in the education vertical. MAC certification helps you to modernize and optimize their systems to increase efficiency and improve outcomes.

Identify Job market, Talent sourcing and Learning Trends

Driven by a number of business trends, education leaders are increasingly looking at how technology can reduce costs and drive efficiencies. Facilitate your ability to balance maintaining key systems while enabling emerging and innovative technologies with GEF insight.


Develop and execute end-to-end digitalization process

Building and executing a digital strategy in education require a high degree of stakeholder engagement, clarity of vision and ability to make timely decisions. GEF research and insights can drive strategic planning, the establishment of basic governance and master execution.

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